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Tomatoes are bred for higher solids for use in tomato sauce and paste. Cherry. tomatoes are small, round, often sweet, and used whole in salads.

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Grape. tomatoes, a more recent variety, are a smaller variation of a plum tomato primarily used in salads. Tomato varieties are. Origin --Quantities used. 1 --Nutritive value. 2 --Market information: Fresh tomatoes-Seasonal supplies and sources --Food value for money spent --Retail pieces of canned tomatoes --The tomato dollar-where it goes.

2 --Selection: How to buy fresh tomatoes --How to buy canned tomatoes and tomato products --Fresh or canned tomatoes. At least they know that tomato is a fruit. Tomato Fun Facts: Many people consider tomato as a vegetable.

The state of New Jersey in USA has actually made tomato as its ‘State Vegetable’. Tomatoes had always been considered as fruit but the confusion came when the Supreme Court of USA declared that tomatoes were vegetables.

Tomatoes are a good source of fiber, providing about grams per average-sized tomato. Most of the fibers (87%) in tomatoes are insoluble, in the form of Calories: Ten Amazing Facts About Tomatoes You Won’t Believe Are Real While they taste nice in a recipe or sliced in a sandwich the humble tomato is also a fascinating fruit in its own right.

I have scoured the web looking for ten interesting and fact-checked truths about this versatile little fruit.

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History of Tomatoes. Tomato is a vegetable whose road through history was not easy and filled with numerous misconceptions and roadblocks.

Finally in the last few centuries this South Consumer facts about tomatoes book plant managed to spread all across the world, becoming one of the best know food ingredients and one of the most beloved vegetables (even though technically its classified as a fruit).

Growing tomatoes is not difficult, but they do have some unique qualities that are helpful to understand. Based on our many years of experience growing thousands of tomatoes at a time, these are our top tomato growing tips.

Truth be told, tomatoes can be one of the easiest plants to grow for beginners. That’s because, Read More about Top 10 Tips For Growing Tomatoes.

The festival includes a giant tomato fight, wh+ people throw approximatelyoverripe tomatoes at each other. A tomato juice mixture is the best cure for skunk odor because the acid in tomatoes neutralizes the odor.

Tomatoes are used to clean toilet bowls, as an ingredient in beauty products, and to polish brass and copper. Thanks for the comment and for sharing the information, Rachel. A tomato festival sounds like a great idea.

Blessings to you, as always. Rachel L Alba from Every Day Cooking and Baking on J Consumer facts about tomatoes book Linda, Tomatoes are big here in NE PA. In fact we have a Tomato Festival every year in our town.

Almost everyone grows tomatoes here. Farm Facts: Tomatoes. 0 Comments. Tasty tomatoes are ripe for the picking in the summertime. Check out interesting facts and statistics about North Carolina’s tomato industry: 1 of 4.

North Carolina ranks fourth in the nation for fresh-market tomato production. 1 of 4. Interesting facts about tomatoes tomato. The tomato is a fruit originally from what is now Peru, they were first used as food by the Aztecs in Southern Mexico.

The aztec name for a tomato meant `plump thing with a navel´. Even though tomatoes are botanically classified as a fruit because they have seeds and grow from a flowering plant, the. 3. 93% of gardens in America contain tomatoes. That means that pretty much every gardener dabbles in tomato growing.

The La Tomatina Festival is a festival in Spain that is basically just one big tomato fight. tomatoes are thrown each year in August during the World’s Largest Tomato Fight that includes a week long festival, fireworks and a paella cooking contest as well.

Savor your best tomato harvest ever with Epic Tomatoes (Epic Tomatoes, ) by Craig LeHoullier, a tomato adviser for Seed Savers Tomatoes offers everything a tomato enthusiast needs to know about growing more than varieties of excerpt, which discusses how tomatoes became popular in America, is from Chapter1, “The Origins of Today’s Tomato.”.

Tomatoes are at the top of the list for summertime favorites. Nothing tastes quite as good as a tomato right off the vine. Here a few fun facts to share about tomatoes: Tomatoes originally came from Peru, the Aztec name translated to plump thing with a navel.

Tomatoes were first brought to Europe in the mids. Insoup mogul Joseph Campbell came out with condensed tomato soup, a move that set the company on the road to wealth as well as further endearing the tomato to the general public. Campbell may have made tomato soup popular, but the first recipe is credited to Maria Parloa whose book The Appledore Cook Book describes her tomato chowder.

Yes, botanically speaking, tomatoes are fruits. But inthe Supreme Court ruled that tomatoes could also be called vegetables. In "the common language of the people," a tomato is a vegetable, which at the time of the case, meant that the Tariff Act, which taxed important vegetables, could legally apply to tomatoes.

The largest ever tomato on record was picked in Oklahoma, USA, in It weighed over kg – that’s more than the average UK newborn baby. In Ohio, USA, they love tomatoes so much that tomato juice is the official state drink. There are aro varieties of tomatoes worldwide.

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Mulch. Mulching around the base of your plants does manyit keeps the dirt from splashing your tomatoit keeps the moisture consistent which helps alleviate tomatoesit helps keep weeds from competing with your tomatoes.

And fourth, organic mulch like grass clippings or straw composts on the spot and puts nutrients back into the soil. Gardeners can choose from more than 7, tomato varieties, bred for an array of needs and ranging from bite-sized cherry types to hefty beefsteaks.

And heirloom varieties come in many colors other than red—look for purple, pink, yellow, orange, even black tomatoes. Hot tip: Think about how you’re going to use the tomato before picking a. Here are 19 Interesting Tomato facts.

Tomato Facts 1. Tomatoes were put "on trial" on Jin Salem, New Jersey. In front of a courthouse, Robert Johnson ate a horde of tomatoe. Epic Tomatoes: How to Select and Grow the Best Varieties of All Time By Craig LeHouliier.

The winner of the Garden Writers Association Gold Award, Epic Tomatoes is fun, easy-to-read, and packed with information. Craig is a retired chemist-turned-gardening expert who has grown more than 1, tomato varieties and is responsible for for naming, developing and introducing many new varieties.

Wondering whether tomatoes are good for you. Consumer Reports busts a few myths, adding that whether red, orange, or yellow, these delicious veggies deliver disease-fighting phytochemicals. In his new book, Tomatoland, food writer Barry Estabrook details the life of the mass-produced tomato — and the environmental and human costs of the tomato industry.

Today's tomatoes. -Reduces total energy consumption by 27%;-Reduces net greenhouse gas emission by 47% and reduces particulate emissions by 28%; -Reduces wastewater by 33%;-Reduces solid waste by 54%;-and reduces wood use by % 30% Postconsumer Copy Paper One ton (40 cases) saves the equivalent of: trees [forty feet in height and inches in diameter] (Conservatree.

Top 10 facts about tomatoes THE annual La Tomatina festival was held yesterday in Buñol, Valencia, Spain, when aro people threw tomatoes at each other. A farming experiment at the University of California, Davis, has found that organically grown tomatoes are richer in certain antioxidants than conventionally grown tomatoes.

One researcher is. The Columbian exchange, also known as the Columbian interchange, named after Christopher Columbus, was the widespread transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, technology, diseases, and ideas between the Americas, West Africa, and the Old World in the 15th and 16th centuries.

It also relates to European colonization and trade following Christopher Columbus's. FILE – In this Mafile photo, DiMare farm manager Jim Husk holds a ripe tomato, in Homestead, Fla.

Tomatoes and turnips are among the winners for US seed company sales. A consumer assistance directory, with contact information for government agencies and national corporations; Download a pdf of the Consumer Action Handbook or the Spanish version, the Guía del Consumidor.

The information in the Consumer Action Handbook and Guía del Consumidor are in the public domain. You may copy any part of these books. Tomatoes and onions are the most popular fresh vegetables, followed by carrots and some varieties of lettuce.

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. consumers buy. 15 Fun Facts About Tomatoes. Septem August 5, Tracy 0 Comment. The tomato is a member of the nightshade family of plants, which also includes eggplant, goji berries, potatoes, and chili peppers.

It is a vegetable, though it is often mistaken for a fruit.A plate of pasta is not only comforting and tasty but also one of the easiest dinners you can make, especially if you’re not making the sauce yourself.

In fact, 61 percent of consumers say they.Spot and avoid scams and unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices with tips from the FTC, America’s consumer protection agency.